Nottingham City Regatta Saturday 16th May

A regatta held on the country's first multi lane course over 2000 metres. All statuses offered down to Junior 16. (No Masters events). Heats where the entries exceed 6 and repêchages where the entries exceed 18 per event. However entries maybe restricted if demand is too high.

The regatta is split into 2 divisions to enable crews to do one event in the morning and another in the afternoon. You may not doubling within a division. Pottery tankards for the winners.

Nottingham Masters and Club Regatta Sunday 17th May

A more relaxed regatta also held at The National Watersports Centre but only over 1000 metres. All Masters & Junior (down to 12) categories offered plus Senior Championship (which should read Senior IM2 & IM3). All races will be limited to a maximum of 6 entrants. Where more than 6 are entered the entry will be split into 2 or 3 finals. The winner of each race will get a specially struck medal.

We have issued a racing timetable to enable competitors to sort out their own doubling up and boat sharing, but a word of caution as some events may have no races this will cause the order to close up. Handicaps will used if required in Masters events. We are also offering some Mixed events. Entries maybe restricted if demand is too high