Notes from Chairs’ Forum 26 March

Below is an overview of the considerations from the Chairs’ forum 26 March 2020.

  • Short Term Considerations:
  • Is your club fully secure and closed down.
  • Are you considering regular checks.
  • Have fridges and water heaters been emptied and turned off.
  • Do you need to place rat and mouse traps.
  • Are boat hatches open.
  • Are there piles of wet boat towels lying around.
  • Mid Term Considerations:
  • Have you conducted a financial review, can this support the BR questionnaire.
  • Contact your insurance broker to see if they will be willing to reduce the premium as the club is no longer rowing.
  • Contact CART or EA to reduce boat licence fees (a touchy subject but one worth considering).
  • Keep an eye out on the BR Club Affiliation process.
  • Review the ability to rent/ loan ergs to Club members.
  • Keep engaged with your squads, you will want them to return to rowing. Look at the upcoming BR media for erg and fitness videos.
  • Contact other Clubs to see what they are doing.
  • Consider media platforms to communicate with your squads – Zoom, google hangouts, MSTeams have all been praised.
  • Review your Governance and operational documents and policies. Plan a review cycle to ensure all key policies.
  • Safeguarding Policy just been updated and other policies will follow
  • Have you incorporated the BR Codes of Conduct into your Membership packs.
  • Long Term Considerations:
  • Mark Davies is promoting that his Ladders format might be a great way to come back to full rowing activities.
  • NCC will be reviewing the Competition Calendar in preparedness to reopen in a controlled way.
  • Review your Competitions and see what can be done to improve, amend or make it easier to restart (given what may come from the NCC).
  • Be aware that squads may not be ready to return to rowing (technically and physically). Plan a return to rowing training plan to ensure that they can. Consider health and fitness first.
  • contact your river authority to inform them of the water conditions, offer a hand if suitable, it might be a good club social gathering to start off.

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