View across the lake at NWSC opposite finish tower Juniors

NWSC Open for All this Winter

NWSC Winter use

Read below for a note from Jack at NWSC for use over winter.

Dear All.
With the river levels increasing on a yearly basis, it seems there is some struggle with gaining river access around the UK, with many crews confined to the clubhouses because of the swollen rivers.

The NWSC has only lost one weekend this autumn/winter period because of flooding, in theory and with our team constantly monitoring the course, that won’t happen again with our preventative measures. Also this was the first closure for many years due to uncontrollable river levels.

There are now no events taking exclusive use of the course from now until the March/April period and an ideal time to use the regatta lake for training. We can put up racks for storage and we have a trailer park on-site, as long as we are made aware in advance to allow – through the winter – crews to leave boats on the site to utilise the course more.

Throughout this period on Weekends and also Wednesdays (for students), we will allow all users access to the course at 50% off for a launch fee – so only £5.50 per day, rather than £11.

Kind Regards
Jack Garner
Contract Manager
National Water Sports Centre

If you are interested, please get in contact through the NWSC website.
Happy rowing.

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