The East Midlands Region has 24 umpires drawn from the clubs in the region and largely operates through its Regional Umpiring Committee that reports to both the Regional Rowing Committee and the National Umpiring Committee.  The East Midlands Regional Umpiring Committee (EMRUC) comprises the following umpires:

  • Tim Walton
  • Sam Simons
  • Katy Young
  • Jeff Hallam
  • Paddy Ibbotson
  • Bruce Margetts
  • Dan Smith
  • Sarah Royales

Sam Simons is also Chairman of the National Umpiring Committee.

Umpires officiate at both head races and regattas within our region and beyond using the core principles of safe, fair and equal rowing to guide them in their application of the British Rowing Rules of Racing.  Generally, each event will work in consultation with the umpires to try and ensure that there are sufficient available to satisfy the requirements of the event. Without a ready pool of available umpires, the events cannot run.

Recruitment and Training

The EMRUC is responsible for the recruitment and training of all new umpires within the region and for maintaining high standards through continuing professional development (CPD) within the umpiring community. Two training seminars are held annually to keep us all abreast of developments, normally at the beginning and end of the regatta season; the application and development of the Rules of Racing are high on the agenda for both meetings though we also try and make these informative as well as fun.

It is usual for trainee umpires to start with a detailed consideration of the Rules of Racing and how they are applied in different competition and event scenarios.  Thereafter, some practical training will be undertaken prior to trainees being encouraged to attend events to participate as trainee umpires whilst being closely mentored by members of the EMRUC.  All trainee umpires will be required to take and pass an exam, which has a written theory and a practical hands on element to it; normally following a season of regattas or when the individual trainee is comfortable with the level of training that has been given and the EMRUC is equally satisfied that the trainee is sufficiently competent to undertake the exam.  If you are interested in becoming an umpire, please [popup_trigger id=”250″ tag=””] contact us[/popup_trigger] in the first instance.

The total annual commitment is to officiate at not less than 3 events and then to attend a seminar at least once every 3 years.


Rules of Racing

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