Your EMRRC Members


Anne Hock

Regional Chairman

Leicester Rowing Club

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Peter Boyes

Regional Secretary

Uni. of Nottingham

As secretary for the East Midlands Region I keep clubs and athletes around the region up to date on the activities and events in the sport across the country, and the opportunities involved at each level in the sport.
Having started rowing at King Edward VI School in Stratford upon Avon in 2011, I have continued as an athlete and in committee roles at the University of Nottingham since arriving in the region, competing at BUCS, HRR, and international events such as KIURR in China.


Richard Donnor

Regional Safety Advisor

Loughborough Boat Club

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Phil Latka

Regional Treasurer

Lincoln Rowing Centre

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Dan Smith

Regional Umpiring Representative

Derby Rowing Club

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Josh Rhodes-Hook

Regional Junior Representative

Becket Rowing Club

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Sarah Royles

Regional Masters Representative

Nottingham Rowing Club

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Jeff Hunt

Regional Coaching Representative

De Montfort University

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