Tim Walton has been elected Regional Water Safety Adviser for the East Midlands Region with effect from the Regional Rowing Council AGM on 29 Oct 14. Tenure of the position is 1 year. He is based at Leicester Rowing Club and can be reached via our Contact Us page

Remember : Safety is everyone’s business



Incident Reporting

British Rowing Incident Reporting

Please report all incidents via the link above, whether near misses or accidents involving damage or injury. This is a no fault information collection process and the details that you provide will be passed to the National Safety Committee for statistical purposes and also to help us help you to try and learn about better and safer practice.

Ideally, reports should be submitted within 24hrs whilst the details are still fresh and if the incident involves more than one club or crew, reports should be made by each to establish a balanced view of what has actually happened.

By far the biggest cause of incidents in the past year has been poor lookout and a failure to appreciate who-else is on the water and how close they are.  A look around every 4 – 5 strokes can reduce this incident level substantially.

Event Safety Audits

Event Safety Plan template

Event (head and regatta) safety documentation must be completed and submitted to the RSWA at least one month in advance of the event.

Club Safety Audit

British Rowing Water Safety Audit

The club safety audit needs to be completed by the end of each year. Clubs can complete their audit online at the British Rowing web site above. Failure to complete will result in the club not being able to complete.