COVID-19 Update (29.06.20)

Return to Rowing Guidance

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British Rowing have this evening released an update to their coronavirus advice: Return to Rowing V4 guidance documentation. This advice is effective as of 4 July.

This guidance has been released following the latest from the government, 23 June, to assist the rowing community in its planning for a return to rowing. As a result of the information, this “means we are in the situation where clubs (subject to making them ‘COVID Secure’) could open club bars but the gyms and changing rooms cannot be reopened. What this means for us is that we are going to have to adjust our roadmap slightly and so although we will move to Phase C of our plan, unfortunately it will not include all the aspects we originally included.”

This latest update moves BR into Phase C

Notable updates to version 4:

  • Organised/coached sessions may be possible, subject to social distancing rules (e.g. small groups of singles).
  • Club bars and catering facilities may re-open subject to Government requirements for them to be COVID secure although it likely that it will not be sensible for rowing clubs to open these facilities.
  • Other club facilities may re-open once Government advice allows.
  • Gyms, changing rooms and other indoor training facilities must remain closed.
  • BR strongly recommend that clubs do not re-introduce crew boats.
  • Give consideration to how you would reverse any decisions should they become problematic or if the Government needs to re-impose any restrictions. Similarly, clubs should have a plan in place should a member test positive.

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See the Advice for Rowers page from the guidance below